Legislative Priorities

AB 1145 (Garcia) – AB 1145 creates a clear, uniform, and non-discriminatory standard for mandated reporters to follow. Clear and consistent reporting requirements would ensure that reporters are more confident and knowledgeable about what needs to be reported and result in increased safety for our youth.

AB 1938 (Low) – AB 1938 would provide that any entity that participates in certain publicly funded health care programs is prohibited from spending revenues from those programs on ballot measure actions that are not directly related to health care.

SB 132 (Wiener) – SB 132 seeks to address the vulnerability and abuse of transgender inmates when they are housed in facilities, as well as being addressed with pronouns and honorifics, not consistent with their gender identity.

SB 145 (Wiener) – SB 145 ends blatant discrimination against young people engaged in voluntary sexual activity by treating all sex acts (oral, anal, penetration, and penile-vaginal sex) equally under the law and overturning the Johnson decision. This bill does not apply if the minor is under 14 years old and does not apply if the sex acts were unwanted, forceful, or violent. It does not decriminalize any of the abovementioned acts or change their penalties.

SB 741 (Galgiani) – SB 741 will enable transgender Californians to update their marriage certificates and the birth certificates of their children to accurately reflect their legal name and gender, while still protecting their privacy.

SB 932 (Wiener) – SB 932 will require any electronic communicable disease reporting tool used by the State Department of Public Health and each local health officer to include the capacity to collect and report data relating to the sexual orientation and gender identity of individuals who are diagnosed with COVID-19.

SB 961 (Gonzalez) – SB 961 would prohibit life and disability income insurance companies from denying coverage to HIV-positive individuals solely based on their positive HIV test.