2022 Legislative & Budget Priorities

Priority Legislation

AB 1741 (Low) – Transgender Day of Remembrance.
This bill would require the Governor to annually proclaim November 20th as Transgender Day of Remembrance.

AB 2194 (Ward & Lee) – Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians: continuing education: cultural competency.
Requires pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to complete at least one hour of continuing education through a cultural competency course focused on LGBTQ+ patients.

AB 2312 (Lee) – Nonprescription contraception: access.
This bill would, with certain exceptions, prohibit a retail establishment from refusing to furnish nonprescription contraception to a person solely based on age or any of the listed characteristics.

SB 107 (Wiener) – Gender-affirming health care.
This bill would declare another state’s law authorizing a civil or criminal action against a person or entity that allows a child to receive gender-affirming health care to be contrary to the public policy of this state.

SB 858 (Wiener) – Health care service plans: discipline: civil penalties.
Increases fines on deficient health plans, including civil penalties of not less than $25,000 for each day a violation continues, per enrollee harmed.

SB 923 (Wiener) – Gender-affirming care
This bill requires health plans and insurers to require all of its staff, contracted providers, and support staff who are in direct contact with enrollees or insureds to complete evidence-based cultural competency training for the purpose of providing trans-inclusive health care for individuals who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, or intersex.

Endorsed Legislation

AB 2029 (Wicks) – Health care coverage: treatment for infertility.
This bill would require a health care service plan contract or health insurance policy that is issued, amended, or renewed on or after January 1, 2023, to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and fertility services.

AB 2436 (Bauer-Kahan) – Death certificates: content.
This bill would, instead, require the certificate of death to include the current full names any previous surnames and the birthplaces of both parents, without reference to the parents’ gender.

AB 2521 (Santiago) – Transgender, Gender Nonconforming, or Intersex Fund.
This bill would rename the fund as the Transgender, Gender Nonconforming, or Intersex Fund and add various definitions for listed Gender Identities.

AB 2315 (Arambula) – Community colleges: records: preferred or affirmed names.
This bill would require the governing board of each community college district to implement a process by which students, staff, and faculty can declare an affirmed name, gender, or both name and gender identification to be used in records where legal names are not required by law.

Priority Budget Requests (in alphabetical order)

DecrimSWCA – Housing as Healthcare
Funding to provide for a pilot program to support five to ten housing programs for unhoused and housing insecure current and former sex workers and transgender people that includes connections to culturally competent services for these populations. (One-Time General Fund cost of $147 million)

End the Epidemic – HIV/STI Prevention
Funding to address California’s ongoing HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV), Hepatitis B, and sexually transmitted disease (STD) epidemics. (General fund cost of $104.75 million; $57 million OneTime and $47.75 million Ongoing)

EQCA – LGBTQ+ Staff for CA Department of Education
Funding to provide staff positions in the Department of Education that will be dedicated to supporting local education agencies (LEAs) and County Offices of Education (COEs) in implementing the legal requirements relating to safe and supportive school climates for LGBTQ+ students. (Ongoing General Fund cost of $500,000)

LA LGBTQ Center – LGBTQ Foster Youth
Funding that will provide for a pilot program where five (5) counties and experienced community-based organizations partner to demonstrate improved capacity, training, and culturally responsive care to the unique needs and protections of LGBTQ+ foster youth. (OneTime General Fund cost of $15 million)

LYRIC – LGBTQ Youth Assessment
Funding to complete an LGBTQQ+ Youth Community Needs Assessment for Northern California
LGBTQ+ Youth, this will be the first ever needs assessment and largest collection of data of
LGBTQ+ youth aged 10- 24 in not only Northern California but statewide. (One-Time General Fund cost of $450,000)

Mirror Memoirs & Futures Without Violence – Leave No Survivor Behind
Funding to launch a 3-year pilot program to increase the capacity of the community-based organizations most intimately connected to California’s BIPOC TNBI survivors, while also equipping larger LGBTQI-serving nonprofits in California to address childhood sexual abuse (CSA) survivorship among their staff, members and clients. (One-Time General Fund cost of $3.5 million)

Raise-A-Child – Raise-A-Child Expansion
Funding to accelerate its expansion of services throughout California. Funds will be utilized as follows: Recruitment Promotion Campaigns, Community Events & Engagement, Virtual Info/Orientation Sessions, Technical Assistance & Support (One-Time General Fund cost of $850,000)

TransLatin@ Coalition - Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund
Funding to fund the Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund (Ongoing General Fund cost of $15 million)

TransLatin@ Coalition - Transgender Reentry Services
Funding to be distributed for the development of a community-based TGI reentry program for TGI serving organizations in critical areas across the state. (Ongoing General Fund cost of $25 million)

UC Irvine – Research Agenda on Sex Work
Funding to conduct original research that will result in an empirical understanding of the state of prostitution in California, including the evolving form of the industry and the patterned ways in which prostitution, policing, and public health amalgamate in California. (One-Time General Fund cost of $6.5 million)